Spring cleaning time for Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Kan. — The Garden City Streets Department will be coming through neighborhoods until April 11th, picking up limbs, appliances, mattresses, and other large trash free of charge.

“It is a public service, and people enjoy it,” said Bill Matheson, the Superintendent of the Streets Department.  “If they have a mattress or something in their house and they want to get rid of it all they have to do is bring it to the curb.”

The Spring and Fall clean ups are part of an effort to keep the whole city clean.

“We’ll end up picking [the trash] up somewhere so it’s easier to pick it up off the curb,” Matheson said.  “You’d be surprised where people dump stuff.”

The Parks Department also plays a big part in the general beautification of the town, especially when dealing with those Kansas winds.

“The wind does blow trash all over the city and it’ll blow it all over the city and we’ll have to pick it up everywhere,” said Andy Liebelt from the Parks Department.

Litter and tumbleweeds tangle together and cleaning it all up becomes a group effort between the Parks, Streets, and Solid Waste Departments.

“We try to keep the entrances to the city cleaned up so we can put a good face toward the public,” said Matheson.  “I think people appreciate that.”

Tree limbs, yard debris, appliances, and work out equipment are all acceptable.  Paint thinners, shingles, and construction materials will not be taken.  Full list of items and pick up locations and days.

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