Rare spring tornado hits Minnesota

(KDLT) – Tornadoes and blizzards are two things farmers in the Upper Midwest have to deal with from time to time.

But one Minnesota farmer dealt with both, on the same day.

It was the 20th tornado ever recorded in the month of March in the state of Minnesota.

Lyon County emergency officials recorded video as the storm raced northwards, eventually touching down on Tom and Kim Abraham’s farm in rural Minnesota.

My daughter called me and said that we had a tornado,” told Tom Abraham.

Neither Kim nor Tom was home but their daughter, son and nine month old granddaughter were in the basement.

“I could tell by her voice she was scared and I could tell it was for real,” said Tom Abraham.

The Abraham’s children caught a glimpse of the twister before it swept through the farm.

“Good thing we had the hail because they put the car away, put the dogs in the garage, and they were looking out the window and they saw it coming,” said Kim Abraham.

The twister cut the family’s machine shed in half, scattered grain bins throughout their yard and field, and almost perfectly nailed a piece of wood to the side of another shed.

“I think it finally sunk in. We survived a tornado,” said Kim Abraham who was working in Marshall at the time of the storm.

“I couldn’t believe it because the sun was shining in Marshall,” added Tom Abraham who was on his way to pick his wife up from work.

After the tornado hit the Abraham’s farm plenty of friends and family came to help before the snow started to fall.

“We were in a blizzard warning and then you get a tornado. It’s just weird,” remarked Tom Abraham.

“It was amazing. People just kept driving up in the yard and they would just walk right over and start pitching in and helping out,” recalled Kim Abraham. “That’s replaceable. Human lives are not.”

The hail, wind, and snow have subsided. But, with planting season right around the corner, the Abraham’s have plenty of work to do thanks to a very strange spring storm.

No one was hurt in the tornado, but the Abraham’s say their kids are a little shaken up.

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