Local impact of Fort Hood shooting

WICHITA, Kansas — KSN took to Facebook Wednesday to find out how many Kansans have friends or relatives with ties to Fort Hood.

We learned that although Fort Hood is hundreds of miles away, the impact of Wednesday’s shooting is far-reaching, even in Wichita.

Taylor Atherton and her husband, Travis, are newlyweds. Travis has been stationed at Fort Hood for nearly three years. After Taylor finishes school in May, she will move to Fort Hood to join him.

“It’s weird because I’ll feel his pains when he’s down there and when I’m really sick he feels it, so you can feel the sympathy there,” said Taylor.

Taylor told KSN she felt that pain in response to news of the shooting.

The last time Taylor heard from Travis was at 5:09 p.m. through a text message. He told her to “stay calm,” and “don’t watch the news.” That, and, he told her he loved her.

Late into the night Wednesday, it remains a waiting game for Taylor and her family, as she anxiously waits to hear his voice again.

No matter the circumstances, Taylor remains hopeful. “I know that this is what he was born to do. This is what he wants to do, so I know he’ll be okay.”

Taylor Atherton is one of many viewers who talked with KSN about their local ties to the shooting in Texas. From these conversations, security remains a big concern for servicemen and women among friends and families alike.

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