Hays brewery has started canning

HAYS, Kansas – A Hays brewery is off to a strong start. Defiance Brewing Company started distributing their beer in late December, and now they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

“Cans have just taken off, and it’s been awesome,” said Matthew Bender, co-founder and brew master.

Defiance Brewing Company started distributing their beer in kegs to western Kansas in late December and it’s been so successful that they’ve started to can their beer.

“This is amazing, I can’t even really put it into words, I mean we just started with a dream and wanted to make some good beer and it has taken off just amazingly,” said Bender.

The eye catching cans were designed by a friend to hopefully make the beer stand out on the shelves.

“Being able to finally put our beer in cans, we’ve been waiting quite a while to accomplish that, to finally be able to see our product on the shelves rather than on tap. It’s pretty cool,” said Dylan Sultzer, the other co-founder and brew master at Defiance.

Even though they’ve only been doing it for two weeks, Bender and Sultzer have been able to make almost 40,000 cans of beer, which has liquor store owners around the area very happy.

“You could say it’s flying out the door basically,” said Jim Steinert the owner of Steinert Liquor Store.

Steinert says that the beer has been drawing in people to his store, and he didn’t expect to sell so much as fast as he did.

“They’re getting this stuff home and finding out that it’s really good beer, so I’m getting repeat customers on it,” said Steinert.

Defiance Beer will be available in Wichita starting April 4th.

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