Lawmakers suffer setback on school funding bill

WICHITA, Kansas – House and Senate Leadership was busy Tuesday talking school finance.

They were expected to vote to move the issue to the full chambers, but that did not happen.

Lawmakers haven’t agreed where the $130 million should come from.

The courts say it must be funded by July 1st.

Discussion was side tracked when the topic of more funding for virtual schools came up.

Some said they wanted to cut virtual school funding by more than 50 percent.

Another big issue was cuts to the transportation budget for schools across the state.

Cuts are being proposed, and some districts are telling lawmakers those cuts could be devastating as it stands now.

“Those current proposals in the House and Senate would cut virtual funding by 50 percent and would in essence close all virtual programs in our state. There is no way you can operate a school on $1,900 dollars per student,” said Gary Lewis, Maize Virtual School Director.

Democrats and Republican lawmakers are suggesting that they forget about the spring break coming up Friday and are suggesting they stay at work until they get a deal hammered out.

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