Health care website slows as insurance deadline nears

(KSN photo)

Wichita, Kansas– Health care navigators across the country are seeing long lines as hundreds of thousands of Americans hope to beat the deadline. But the website has been slowed by all those visitors, something trained navigators have been bracing for.

“I guess maybe for navigators it’s what we expected for the public not so much maybe,” said trained health care navigator Mike Randle.

Self-proclaimed procrastinator Tracy Young needs insurance, but getting it hasn’t been easy.

“I started doing it but somehow it keeps kicking me out,” Young said.

Young is not alone.  As the website slowed,  navigators began trying to get people signed up for an account, hoping to re-visit the site with better results in the next few days.

“You have have an account enrolled via the website to be eligible for that extension through April 15 that’s the only option at this point,” Randle said.

For folks like David Gunter, who’s looking to sign up for insurance in order to avoid the fines,  the trained heath care navigators are a blessing.

“It keeps people out here with help to get some health care,” he said.

Not having the coverage ahead of the deadline could be frustrating for some, but Jason Fritts isn’t letting the delays get him down.

“It was kind of expected for me, but the important thing for me I got into the mix and got the extension,” Fritts said.

Almost 50 people came out to the library Monday to get help signing up.

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