‘Dorothy’ is a beast

MARSHALL, Iowa (WHO) – A new tool is helping Marshall County, Iowa officials raise awareness.

Storm chasing vehicle named “Dorothy” belonging to the Iowa Storm Chasing Network made a visit.

Officials say it’s modified to protect storm chasers.

They say it can take baseball sized hail all day without any damage.

It can also lower itself so wind can’t get under it and pick it up.

The chasers came up with the concept of the 9,000-pound vehicle about a year and a half ago.

“Our passion is in the weather, and also, I went to school for automotive collision technology so we’ve kind of put those passions together. This is what we came up with – this beast I guess,” Dan Auel explained.

The chasers don’t plan to drive straight into a tornado but they say should a tornado take an unexpected turn, they’ll be protected.

The storm chasers say they would like to get slow motion video of a tornado’s base.

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