Septic tank rescue caught on camera

BLUE EARTH, Minnesota (KARE) – After five years of working for the Fairbault Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Pat Campbell has had some wild runs.

But Monday night was the first time he ever responded to reports of a child stuck in a septic tank.

“I was nervous because when the call came out, it described it as a child fell into septic tank and was barely holding on,” Campbell said. “I knew he needed to get help quickly.”

Campbell said 7-year-old Noah was playing in the yard with his cousin at a farm home on 125th St. in Blue Earth.

Campbell said one of the tank openings wasn’t securely fastened.

The child was walking on the lid and fell in.

Dash camera video captured the rescue.

At first, Campbell tried to lower a rope into the 10-foot hole to pull the child to safety. when that didn’t work, Campbell asked the boy’s aunt, Chelsey Hledik for a ladder, which they were able to use to rescue Noah.

Noah was treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

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