Kansans rush to sign up for the Affordable Care Act

WICHITA, Kansas – Across the country people are rushing to beat the Affordable Care Act deadline, and officials in Kansas say they’re feeling the pressure from eager insurance seekers.

KSN looked at how some Kansas clinics are doing.

Many are calling in reinforcements to ensure they can handle all of the questions and requests.

“I know that navigators, who perhaps were not working this weekend, some of them have added hours for this weekend,” said Debbie Berndsen, healthcare navigator.

Local clinics say the response has been overwhelming with a rapid increase in call volume.

Navigators are booked up through the March 31st deadline.

Still, they will work to get everyone taken care of to the best of their ability no matter where someone may fall in their needs for health insurance.

“There may have been people who were putting it off, but at this point, people of all ages,” added Berndsen. “I think it is a push to the finish line.”

Officials from several health clinics declined or were unavailable to speak on camera about the issue, but they did say that many of the people calling and enrolling have been mostly without insurance rather than being under-insured.

Additionally, they say that if you haven’t started the process, the best thing to do is get in line online at healthcare.gov.

As long as you do, you’ll receive an extension when the deadline comes if you’re unable to finish the process.

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