Dog grooming salon takes style up a notch

WICHITA, Kansas – If you’re a dog lover you may be aware that for some breeds, regular grooming is required.

There’s a doggie salon here in Wichita that’s going above and beyond your average bath and trim to make your pooch a conversation starter.

It starts at The Hairy Sofa.

“When we did a mohawk down his back, we knew that he was really gonna enjoy it,” laughs groomer Sara Dulac.

A spunky Stanley here is enjoying a growing trend in the canine world.

“Now he’s starting to look like a dragon. You do look like a dragon!”

From hair dye to nail polish to unique hair cuts, groomers Sara Dulac and Karen Hawley can do it all.

“The words they usually use I would say is, ‘Let’s do something fun!’ So I know when they say ‘Let’s do something fun!’, they want more than just a six week haircut,” explains Dulac. “As groomers, we are definitely capable of telling, the minute we meet a dog, that we can do these kinds of things to them or if they’re not gonna be OK with it.”

As dogs of groomers, both Stanley and Cricket tolerate more than most.

In fact, Cricket took her style up a notch in the spirit of the Shockers first game in the NCAA tournament.

“We don’t usually make any promises when it comes to this because as you can see Cricket will put up with quite a bit from us but not everybody will,” says Dulac.

But some pups relish the extra attention.

If you’re up for it, these groomers can even give your pup a one-of-a-kind style.

“Like making them look like a Chinese Crested even thought they’re not a Chinese Crested, taking all their hair off of them with furry feet and a mane so it can be kind of fun doing those kinds of things too,” says Dulac. “This is something that definitely not everybody gets to have done, but it’s fun. We only do it if they enjoy it.”

These groomers say it’s hard to have a bad day when you get to work and are greeted by these pups.

“We like doing stuff that makes their dogs feel like they’re more a part of the family. If you can get someone who doesn’t like dogs to go, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s cute!’ then we’ve done our job.”

Again the unique colors, cuts, polishes and bedazzles aren’t for every dog, but if you’re interested in learning more you can learn more by clicking here.

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