Birds are making their annual migration stop in Kansas

CHEYENNE BOTTOMS, Kansas — Birds have been flocking to the Cheyenne Bottoms wetlands for weeks now making a stop in the middle of their long journey.

“The spring time by far and away is the most fun time of the year here at Cheyenne Bottoms just because of the birds that come in, and it’s literally everyday this time of year that we’re seeing the birds come in,” said Curtis Wolf, the site manager at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.

Cheyenne bottoms is a hot spot for birds around the world and they come from as far away as South America.

“They’re heading all the way up to the arctic circle for their summers on their breeding grounds and so they’re making this huge journey along multiple continents even,” said Wolf.

That includes the endangered Whooping Crane, which brings a lot of people out hoping they can catch a glimpse of one.

“It amazes me how many people know about Cheyenne Bottoms who are coming to see birds, in the past couple of weeks we’ve had people from Minnesota, Wisconsin, that have basically stopped through knowing that this is the time of year to be here to see these birds,” said Wolf.

Cheyenne Bottoms has proved to be a destination spot for the birds and the bird watchers alike.

The Kansas Wetlands Education Center provides tours for those wishing to see the birds and also will be having a migration rally on April 13th.

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