Is the Kansas Star attracting drugs and crime?

MULVANE, Kansas – Crimes and casinos. KSN is investigating allegations of increased criminal activity and finding out what law enforcement is doing about it. KSN received an anonymous tip that drug activity is becoming a larger issue at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane.

The DEA in Wichita has said that as of today they were not working a drug case but they are not in the dark about the situation.

Some Kansans were against the casino from the beginning for various reasons.

“We’ve lived here 35 years so very quiet neighborhood we had, raised our kids all here and now we have this literally across the road from us,” said Lynette Miller a resident near the Kansas Star. “A lot of traffic, we deal with a lot of noise. Cars honking. A man who had too much to drink came over here and asked for help.”

Of all the frustrations the Kansas Star brings for some people in town, drugs may soon become another harsh reality.

“These people typically go to casino parking lots and once they pass Kansas City they started researching where’s the next one, where’s the next one and uh they figured it would be here,” said Dave Williams, the Mulvane Chief of Police.

Earlier this month, four people, all from out-of-state were arrested in a methamphetamine drug bust on Kansas Star Drive, the road leading up to the casino parking lot. All four still remain in Sumner County jail awaiting trial.

When asked if Chief Williams has seen an increase in overall drug activity he responded, “No.”

When it comes to arrests however, that is a different story.

“Uh the first year was 19.9% of our arrests came from the casino, and now it’s running 32.3 percent,” said Williams.

An increase in calls at the casino was expected, that is why last year two officers were added to the force. Some officials say it’s the nature of it all.

“Given the incredible number of people that visit the casino on a daily basis, I think that you’re going to have pretty much all manner of human activity behavior in that volume and business,” said Kent Hixon, a Mulvane city administrator.

The city administrator monitors police calls at the casino but still says the benefits are countless.

KSN reached out to representatives of the casino for comment and to learn more about their security measures but have yet to hear back.

Two of the four people arrested in the recent drug bust near the Kansas Star are scheduled to go to court Thursday.

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