Garden City considers large center

GARDEN CITY, Kansas —  With four new hotels in town and consistent growth Garden City is looking into building a large destination-style facility.

“We’ve really developed ourselves as a regional hub,” said Garden City Chamber of Commerce President Steve Dyer, “and so I think our community is ready to see if that’s something we can support.”

Dodge City took the leap and built their arena, alongside the casino, and a convention center.

“It’s been a great asset for Dodge City,” said Jane Longmeyer, Public Information Officer for Dodge City, “As we combined other entertainment venues together to become the entertainment capital for Southwest Kansas.”

Now Garden City has to make a decision.  They’ve discussed a convention center, a sports complex, or even a civic center.

“Dodge is doing a great job with what they have, so that’s what I think the community needs to figure out,” Dyer said.

The city will conduct a feasibility report to determine if the town can support such a project, if residents want it, and how it would be funded.

The city currently relies on the fairgrounds and the college for events, but neither are equipped for national conventions.  The report will be done in the next several weeks.

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