Shooting has ripple effect on community

WICHITA, Kansas — It was just a few yards away from Tiffany Bridwell’s parents home where a mom and her two kids were shot by their father. Now the ripple effects of the shooting are making their way through the neighborhood.

“I fear for the kids that go to school with them and were friends with them and i fear for what they are going to fear afterward and what the kids themselves are going to feel when they get out of the hospital,” Bridwell said,

Just about 24 hours after the shooting neighbors here are still in shock and still on edge.

“It’s a small little community and it’s quiet for the most part, nothing like this has happened around here so it impacts hugely on everybody whether old or young it impacts everybody,” Bridwell said.

Gordon Bassham, Director of the Wichita Crime Commission says often times domestic violence can have long lasting effects on the victims and those who witness it.

“Anytime you have any kind of a traumatic event like domestic violence neighbors family members the best thing they can do is talk about it with someone who is trained to deal with those issues.”

Bassham says it’s also one of the hardest crimes for anyone to report.

“One of the sad things about domestic violence is often there are friends and family that see the issue developing but they don’t want to interfere with the personal relationship of a couple,” he said.

But Bassham insists it’s never OK to ignore the signs.

“If you see something, say something, it’s okay to ask are you okay.”

And for those who know the family, they’re hoping other neighbors will pay closer attention to the hidden signs of abuse, like seclusion.

“The visible signs too and the bruises and screams and hollers and obviously it wasn’t the first time in this case,” Bridwell said.


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