Garden City School in the running for national grant

GARDEN CITY, Kansas – The Follett Challenge aims to improve schools across the nation by rewarding innovative teaching and programs.

This year the theme is preparing for the demands of the 21st century, something that’s a big focus at Edith Scheuerman Elementary.

“Our kids really do have some goals in mind for what they want to do when they grow up,” said Librarian Angie Price.

“I want to be a personal trainer,” said fourth grader Terrell Elliott.  His classmate Ebony Hinojos has plans to be a fashion designer, and business owner.

They could win as much as $60,000 for their school, some of which would go toward the library.

“We could learn more stuff from the books and everything else,” said fourth grader Eric Valencia.

They’ve gotten past the first round of judging with their video submission, and now they’re up against about a hundred other schools.

“We’re feeling really lucky to have gotten this far,” said Price, “we’re the only school from Kansas this year.”

The elementary school could make it farther with help from the community.  They’re in eleventh place, and if they can get into the top ten they’re guaranteed $5,000 at least.

Voters can visit the Follett Challenge website and vote for schools they like.  Voters can use email or facebook, and can vote once every day until April 4th.

The school said a grant like this could help with preparing kids for higher education and career options, especially in Kansas.

Price is taking it as a positive experience, regardless of the outcome.  “Even if we didn’t win the big prize I still think it would be great inspiration for other schools to try it in the future,” she said.

The kids are still hoping for the best, “Please vote for Edith Scheuerman!” asked the fourth graders.

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