Local fans react to WSU loss

WICHITA, Kansas – One of the most historic seasons in college basketball history has come to an end.

The Wichita State Shockers lost to the Kentucky Wildcats 78 to 76 in the round of 32 this afternoon.

Hundreds of fans here locally were glued to the TV to watch the Shockers play the preseason #1 ranked Wildcats.

The back and forth battle had many fans on the edge of there seat.

“Everyone was on their feet, everyone was going crazy, everyone was sad, happy, upset,” said Kasey Curmode, a WSU fan.

For many other fans, it was a game that left them stressed out to the very end.

“We thought Baker was going to get the last shot, we were all just freaking out, we were holding hands and everyone was about to start crying,” said Victoria Saxton, a WSU student.

The outcome of the game came as a surprise to many, who thought the Shockers would again make a return to the Final Four, or possibly further.

Jayson Winters, a WSU fan and student says the loss puts a damper on what was an amazing season.

“As a WSU fan, the only thing that mattered was a national championship, that’s all that mattered, and very disappointed,” said Winters.

Other fans though are looking forward to the future, one they feel is bright for Shocker nation.

“We have Ron Baker, Tekele, Fred Van Vleet all of them are coming back,” said Curmode.

The Shockers are set to arrive back in Wichita at around midnight tonight.

Fans we spoke with say they plan to give the team a warm reception when they arrive back home.



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