Shocker fans stay busy waiting for Sunday’s game

ST. LOUIS — It’s the beginning of what could be a triumphant weekend in St. Louis for the Wichita State Shockers.

With a day off for practice, KSN caught up with fans to see how they are feeling about the win and how they are spending the off day in St. Louis.

“We’re not mid-major anymore. We’re an elite team and people should start treating us like that, and if they don’t then they’re gonna see exactly what playing angry looks like,” said Wichita State fan Michael Staap.

After yesterday’s victory over Cal Poly, fans were excited to have another day to watch the Shockers play.

“It’s awesome, this is my first tournament. It’s been fantastic, the whole thing’s been a great experience. We went to the MVC a couple weeks ago, that was fantastic, Shocks are undefeated, it’s a perfect season, it’s great so far,” said Marcy Clegg.

But with Saturday being an off day, it did fans the opportunity to explore St. Louis and see some of the history of the gateway to the West.

“I’m excited to go to the Arch, cause I’ve been to St. Louis a couple of times, and I haven’t been able to get up in the Arch. So I’m excited to do that,” said Maggi Dieker.

Dieker wasn’t alone in visiting the Arch. Several Shocker fans made their way to the top, getting a wider view of the city but of course it wasn’t for everybody.

“I don’t do heights, so I didn’t go up there, but there’s some great shopping and then we’re gonna go to the zoo. Looking forward to that,” said Clegg.

But while there was plenty of fun no matter where you went, the main event for fans is still coming up on Sunday.

“It’s really exciting, it’s nerve-wracking for tomorrow, but it’s really exciting that we’re this far,” said Clegg.

And nerve-wracking excitement is a good way to describe what a lot of fans are probably feeling right about now as the team prepares to face off with Kentucky on Sunday.

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