Benefit held for girl killed in last weekend’s car wreck

WICHITA, Kansas — Saturday night family and friends of one of the passengers killed in a high speed wreck last weekend held a benefit to raise money for her funeral expenses.

The fundraiser was at a bar called “The Store” honoring Sarah Smith, one of four people including the driver who died after the professional driver suffered a serious medical condition and crashed the car on the Oliver Street bridge near Kellogg.

Organizers say the response is a reflection of the type of person Sarah was.

“I think that Sarah definitely touched a lot of people especially in shocker country, you know she really touched a lot of peoples hearts with just the genuine person that she was,” said Jay Greer, with Underground Kings.

Smith’s family is trying to cover the costs of two funerals because Smith’s father passed away from cancer just three days before the deadly accident.

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