Walmart toe sucker charged

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina (WCNC) – This is the kind of story that creeps even the cops out.

Erica Porras was shopping at Walmart on Monday when she says that a man approached her and asked if he could help her try on shoes.

She thought he worked at the store and agreed to try on shoes when he told her he was a podiatry student.

“He said I need to take a picture for research and when he did, he stuck her foot in his mouth,” said Kattie Porras, the victim’s daughter.

Porras was clearly upset, and the man tried to make amends.

He offered to pay for her groceries, but instead she ran to call her husband and police.

Officers arrested 31-year-old Michael Brown on Thursday night.

He is charged with assault on a female, which is a misdemeanor.

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