Fans react to the Shockers big win

ST. LOUIS — It was a sea of black and yellow at the Scott Trade Center Friday. Wichita State fans are pretty fired up about the big second round win.

“It felt great, I was telling people when I got here, welcome to the Kansas invitational so it feels good that all the schools are doing well in the state of Kansas, I mean, KU historically has always put us on the map, K-State, and you know, we’re just adding to it,” said Kelley Tubbs.

“It feels great to see a team that has struggled for so many years, we finally have some redemption and it just feels great that we’re right where we should be, at the top of the basketball college world now,” said Dwight Miller.

“These shocks are incredible, they’re gonna be 40 and 0 and national champions,” said another couple that traveled to St. Louis to watch the action.

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