“Naked Photographer” Returns

(WCMH) — A man who served time for flashing dozens of women throughout central Ohio while photographing their reactions is back on the job – as an attorney.

Stephen Linnen, better known as the “Naked Photographer” had his law license reinstated by the Ohio Supreme Court.

In 2006, Linnen admitted to stripping down, sneaking up on women and taking photos.

Linnen was then a lawyer for the Ohio House Republican caucus. Police knew him as the man who approached some 40 women throughout Franklin County, over a year and a half, naked.

“There were some women that weren’t at all threatened by him, in fact, they laughed at him. We have the evidence. I have the pictures. They would laugh at him. There were others that were terrified of him,” said attorney Bradley Frick, who was lead council for the Columbus Bar Association in 2006 as well as council for the presentation for reinstatement last year.

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