WICHITA, Kansas — “And this is cool, Wichita State will become the first undefeated team in 23 years to enter the NCAA tournament. Yep, when asked how they remain so focused on winning, they said ‘we play in Wichita, not many distractions here.'”

That was Jimmy Fallon’s comical jab at Wichita on last night’s airing of The Tonight Show. But now, we want Jimmy to know Wichita is awesome! KSN is putting out a call to action, sending out tweets with the hashtag “#Wichitawesome”.

After talking to Wichita residents, it is basically across the board, people are enthusiastic about Wichita. And they say while New York City may have crowded subways and snowed in cars, we’re much more than open pastures, lawns instead of concrete, and top notch basketball teams.

“Wichitawesome” – it’s the hashtag that’s got people talking and tweeting after Jimmy Fallon’s comments on the Shockers Monday night.

“I wouldn’t necessarily agree with him, I’ve lived here 17 years give or take and I’ve never been bored with the city,” said Madison Behny.

So KSN wanted to know what actually makes the city so great. There is obviously a lot of fun when the Shockers are playing but there’s more to the city than the university. Whether you’re looking for something fun and unique for home or a sweet treat.

“Truly, there really is something here for everyone, if you look, it’s not so obvious ‘cool’ is one way to put it but there’s definitely a definitely a thriving art scene, thriving music scene, good business community,” said Elizabeth Green.

“It’s eclectic, there’s something for everybody here. There’s plenty of work, there’s plenty things to do, there’s a lot of culture here, lots of beautiful people, lots of things,” said Jonathan Finley.

“I mean, everybody thinks that we’re just fields and great plains I guess, but I think that with Kansas we have so many hole in the wall places, I mean for food, for shopping, I mean our museums downtown are just great,” said Behny.

But at the end of the day, it’s all in the name of fun and even the people in Wichita can laugh about it and issue their own challenge.

“Well Jimmy should come out to Wichita and see for himself, we can certainly set him up particularly with the music scene out here in Wichita and he would have a great time,” said Jed Kilpatrick.

So if you also believe in “Wichitawesome” like so many others do, send Jimmy and The Tonight Show a tweet about it.

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