Experts say cold weather to blame for dipping home sales

WICHITA, Kansas – Winter storms took a toll on the roads in January and February and real estate experts say weather slowed down sales during those months. The sale of new homes in February in South Central Kansas was down about 8% from the same month a year ago.

“I think the snow and the coldness and the ice slowed people down a lot this year in terms of buying,” said South Central Kansas Multi-list President Greg Fox.

Katie Thackery is one of the homeowners who sold a house during that time. The sale closed in February,  after almost a year on the market.

“We were incredibly surprised we actually bought it at a foreclosure so we thought when we went to resell that it would not take as long,” Thackery said.

Thackery says at first she tried to sell the house herself. She was in the midst of a break up and was paying for her condo and mortgage.

“That was a challenge too we ended up having to go with a realtor to finally get it sold because it just wasn’t working,” Thackery said.

Experts say it’s hard to put too much stock in these latest numbers, but it could be the start of a trend, depending on how busy spring is for home sales.

“At best we were slightly a seller’s side, maybe last year we were a little more to the buyer’s side last summer we stay right in that balanced range, we need some more inventory, we could use some more homes on the market,” said Fox.

Although February home sales were down, the numbers were still higher than in January. That month has seen falling sales numbers for several years.

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