Ambulance hijacking caught on cam

ALBURQUEQUE, New Mexico (KOB) – A paramedic who was just sleeping in the back of his ambulance, parked outside of Lovelace Hospital, went on a wild ride.

With the doors unlocked, and the engine running, two people hopped in and took off.

The paramedic in the back narrates their wild ride. Pushing 70 miles an hour, they speed up Central for miles.

Finally, the paramedic is able to escape by jumping out of the ambulance.

As the paramedic waits for an officer to meet him at a nearby Circle K, police start chasing the speeding ambulance.

They finally come to a stop, and police get on the loudspeaker to give them orders.

When the couple refuses to turn around, the officers shoot their bean bags.

Officers are able to get the male driver in custody, then they call for the woman still inside.

She shouts that she can’t move.

When they finally get up to the ambulance, she says she’s injured, even still wearing a hospital gown.

Police arrested Mike Schildt and Alisa Quam that night.

Then, just a few days ago, Schlidt was arrested again, accused of stealing his son’s car.

His son told police he will press charges.

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