Wichita working to clear sand from roads

WICHITA, Kansas – Crews are working to clear tons of sand from major roads throughout the city, but chances are you probably have not seen much of them.

That’s because crews are working overnight to sweep roads and dump the sand into dumptrucks.

“To avoid traffic and inconveniencing the traveling public, we’re more efficient sweeping that overnight,” deputy director of public works Joe Pajor said.

There are several thousand tons of sand on the roads, which can wreak havoc on car windows, lane markings, and can cause traction issues for drivers.

“A lot of the sand that we’re sweeping up initially is between the driving lanes, the two-way left turn lanes and the left turn bays,” Pajor said.

The snow emergency routes and roads near schools are the first roads that are getting cleaned up. Six street sweepers and two dumptrucks are tasked with cleaning up sand from more than 1,500 lane miles of Wichita roads.

“We have stopped all street sweeping that is anything other than the snow emergency routes, put all of our resources on the snow emergency routes, and because we have an unprecedented amount of sand that went down during the snow and ice events, we’ve got a lot to pick up,” Pajor said.

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