Ellis County possibly looking for arsonist

HAYS, Kansas — Fire officials in Ellis County could be looking for an arsonist. Crews have worked 15 fires in the past two weeks. 10 of the fires started with hours of each other on Wednesday night. Now the state fire marshal is getting involved.

The outbreak has some residents in Ellis County worried.

“It concerns me very much, I mean all the neighbors were out with all the hoses. I mean it wouldn’t of helped because the wind was blowing so badly that day,” said Mary Laflamme, a resident near one of the fires.

Fires were set all over the county included a burn of 25 acres in the town of Yocemento, right outside of Hays.

“I walked out of my house to get ready to go to work and the fire trucks were going down the road and it was blaring because the wind was blowing so bad and it was coming down the hill pretty fast. All the neighbors and I were concerned that it was going to come closer to our homes,” said Laflamme.

Wednesday evening, rural fire crews put out ten fires and forty of the stations volunteers were called out to help.

“and the guys done a good job in responding because you know they leave their job to come out and put these fires out, and what we’re worried about is eventually somebody may get hurt doing this too,” said Dick Klaus, the Ellis County rural fire chief.

The fire chief declined to comment on the investigation but says they are working with the state fire marshal and sheriff’s department to figure out what cause all the fires, leaving residents like Mary, concerned that another fire could be set close to her home.

KSN is staying on top of the investigation and will update as more information is released.

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