Senate committee considers Safe Haven bill

TOPEKA, Kansas – On Thursday, Representative Jan Pauls took her concerns to a Senate committee on the Safe Haven bill.

The bill recently passed the House.

“The idea for this bill is that we don’t want people to be throwing a baby into a garbage can or a dumpster.”

Pauls was successful in the House, and now, she made her case to a Senate committee.

She is selling her idea for anonymity for parents dropping off their children under the Safe Haven Law.

Senate committee members questioned if there will truly be anonymity for parents dropping off babies.

“Doesn’t this conflict with the existing legal requirement that notice be provided to family members?” asked Sen. Jeff King, Independence Republican.

Rep. Pauls and attorney countered saying if a woman or a family member drops off a baby anonymously, the child would go into a child in need of care of case with the state and others with parental rights could still fight for custody .

Pauls says her change in the Safe Haven Law is going after child safety first.

Make Safe Haven anonymous so parents will feel free to actually use Safe Haven.

“There are protections for them. If a parent drops off without consent of the other parent, all that parent has to do is notify the police that their child has disappeared and they will be tracked down,” said Pauls.

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