Major school mixup

SCHENECTADY, New York (WNYT) – On Wednesday a Schenectady, New York family experienced the highest high and the lowest low they could imagine in a single day.

“Hell. I wanted to die,” says Patricia Rodriguez.

For hours her Howe Elementary School kindergartner was missing.

Patricia put her on the school bus at 7 o’clock that morning as she always does. But when she went to pick her up at at the bus stop in the afternoon, the 5-year-old wasn’t on the bus. In fact, administrators told her little Janeya Nevins never came to school that day.

“Please come home, please find her,” Patricia pleaded.

Just before 5 o’clock, while Patricia was at the police station, they discovered the massive mix-up. The family says the bus Janeya got on took her to an entirely different elementary School – Yates – not Howe. There, she sat in a first grade classroom all day long. Patricia says the school thought her daughter was a new student. But the bottom line, she was ok.

We were there when Patricia brought her daughter home to a house full of worried relatives.

They say their prayers have been answered. But now they want answers to their questions.

“Oh yes, I’m going to the district, yes I am.”

But that’s for another day. For now they’re enjoying the relief. Knowing not all families that share their panic end up kissing their loved one at the end of the day.

“My heart goes out to all the mothers that have to go on through this nightmare,” she said.

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