Grass fires in Wichita area

WICHITA, Kansas — Multiple grass fires have been reported in areas surrounding Wichita.

Several of the known locations that required a lot of attention included:

  • K-96 and Hillside to Hydraulic
  • Near Andover at Kellogg and 159th
  • K-96 and E. 13th by the Warren
  • Park City at 61st and Independence
  • Pelican Point Apts 2150 N. Meridian Ave.

At the Pelican Point Apartments, crews on the scene had to evacuate residents and went on the defensive when battling the blaze.

Keri Korthals, the Acting Director of Butler County Emergency Management said that they had multiple fires throughout the county today including 3 in Augusta and some in Greenwood near the county line. Butler County responded to a total of 6 fires Thursday including assisting with the fire at 159th and Kellogg in Andover. They also responded to large fires in Rose Hill, Benton and Towanda.

There are still 9 crews working the fire at the Kellogg and 159th and have been onsite since about 4:45 p.m. That fire still has no danger of structure damage.

The fire in the K-96 and Hillside area had crews working a good stretch of K-96 from about Webb to Hydraulic. Crews started returning to their stations around 6:45 p.m. after fighting the blaze started around 5:20 p.m.

Dispatch estimates Sedgwick County had anywhere from 25-30 separate grass fire incidents throughout the day.

As more details are received KSN will provide an update.

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