Maize HS supporting local “The Voice” contestant

MAIZE, Kansas – For art teachers at Maize High School, they remember Kaleigh Glanton as more than a girl with the big voice.

The 2012 graduate was also an exceptional visual artist to go along with her musical talents.

“We all knew she was ridiculously talented and we’re just excited that she finally had a chance to showcase that to everyone,” art teacher Beth Janssen, one of Kaleigh’s former teachers, said.

Glanton was the talk of the school Wednesday, as teachers reminisced about her time walking the halls of Maize High School.

“Everybody is so excited to be seeing her on The Voice, and we’ve been talking about it among ourselves as a faculty,” Debi Cox, another of Kaleigh’s former art teachers, said. “I’ve been telling the kids about it, and they’ve been following her on Twitter and everybody is really excited about what she’s doing.”

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