KSN learns that hot tub in near drowning had mulitple violations

WICHITA, Kansas – A state inspection of a hot tub at the Red Coach Inn in Newton found it was not in compliance.

A 13-year-old girl is recovering after getting caught Saturday night in a hot tub. 

KSN obtained 911 audio of the emergency.

“My sister got stuck in this hot tub at Red Coach. She’s stuck in the thing, and she’s like, drowning.”

The initial complaint says the hot tub had no drain cover, and it sucked the girl under water. It said the girl’s hair had to be cut to get her free.

Red Coach Inspection

The AG Department report went on to say the drain is not set up to prevent entanglement, and it also says there is no automatic shut off found on the pump.

It was also cited for having no logs for daily disinfection levels.

On Wednesday, the state says the hot tub will have to stay shut down while the hotel fixes multiple issues identified in the AG Department’s investigation.

“If the facility gets back into compliance before the 30-day notice is up, they are welcome to contact our office and we would get an inspector out there to get it open,” said Nicole Hamm, Kansas Department of Agriculture.

KSN reached out to Red Coach Inn, and its corporate affiliation.

A manager who did not want to be named said, “We are aware of the incident. The safety of our guests is our highest priority. We are working with the authorities on the issues brought to us.”

KSN learned that getting trapped in a pool or spa drain is common.

The Association of Pool and Spa professionals warns of five dangers:

  • Arms getting lodged in the drain
  • Hair getting caught
  • Body entrapment
  • Mechanical entrapment such as jewelry or a bathing suit
  • Eviseration which can happen if you sit on a drain

To learn more about safety of pools and spas click here.


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