Hays considering options amid severe drought

HAYS, Kansas — The city of Hays, along with most of central and western Kansas has been stuck in a severe drought for years and city leaders are considering a variety of options to make sure they don’t end up high and dry.

“We’re very interested in the water future for Hays,” said Lyn Lee, a Hays resident.

It’s a dry subject but an important one for Hays.

“I just hope that we’ve kind of uh, just laid out what our plan is and it’s going to be a long road if we do go to the ranch, and we want to have numerous of these meetings just to inform,” said Shaun Musil, city commissioner in Hays.

The meeting gave Hays residents a clear picture of where the city was going with their water conservation since they were recently upgraded to a water warning and residents were eager to see how this would affect them.

“The discussion of the long range planning and discovering how long it might take to maybe reach some more permanent solutions to the problem,” said Lee.

The big topics of the night were how to better inform citizens on how to conserve water and long term solutions to the drought.

“You know a lot of times people hear stuff but it’s just not the truth. We’re just really trying to get the information out that you know what we’re actually doing,” said Musil.

Even though Hays already has restrictions, a lot of residents came to see what kind of long term solutions were being considered.

“It was more just kind of checking to see if everybody is getting informed of what they need to know about the new regulations and then make me myself just making sure that I know them so I can inform them also,” said Jonathan Westhusin, owner of a landscaping business in Hays.

The main solution being considered is transporting water from the R-9 Ranch to Hays to make sure they don’t run out of water.

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