2-year-old girl injured after being shot with taser

WICHITA, Kansas – A toddler was hospitalized after she was tased Tuesday afternoon. The girl that was victim to the shock was only 2 years old and was shot with the taser by her 4-year-old sister.

It happened in the 2600 block of Paradise Court.

Police say the little girl was hit in the head by the taser but after a trip to the emergency room and spending the night in the hospital she is recovering at home Wednesday evening.

“The 4 year old somehow obtained a taser and then shot the 2 year old sibling in the head,” said Lt. Daniel East, Wichita Police Department.

Self defense experts say that the child is lucky she wasn’t seriously hurt. Fortunately only one of the two barbs from the taser went into her so the charge of the shock was not as strong as it could have been.

The taser is designed to fire out a pair of electronic darts and once stuck inside the targets skin or clothing it sends electricity through the body.

“In what TASER likes to call neuromuscular incapacitation, it’s designed to override the electrical signals of the brain to the rest of the body,” said Brandon Light, Thunderbird Tactical Regional Sales Manager. “It causes some people to lock up and not be able to move. It causes other people to fall over.”

It was a similar device that hit a little girl in the forehead Tuesday.

“Officers dispatched to 2600 block of Paradise Court. When they arrived, they found a 2-year-old that had been shot in the head with a taser probe,” said Lt. Dan East, Wichita Police Department.

Police say that the 4-year-old sister that fired the weapon found it in a drawer. One adult was reported to have been home at the time of the accident.

Out of the three civilian tasers available, all have a safety mechanism but experts say safety is not enough and these should be stored out of the reach of children and treated just like a weapon.

“It all comes down to responsibility and accountability. There’s always the accessibility versus security argument; is it secure enough that nobody is going to get to it but can I get to it when I need it argument. In that respect I recommend it be stored in a very similar manner to a firearm,” said Light.

The company which makes TASER runs its own background check on buyers before activating the device. No one with a felony or domestic abuse conviction is allowed to own one. The laws vary from state to state. In Kansas there are no other restrictions.

The family did not want to talk on camera.

As of tonight the incident is being considered a household accident but officers could recommend charges against the parents.

“Well anytime this occurs, it will be reviewed. It will be looked into and based on the investigation, there’s always that possibility,” added East.

KSN will update if any more information is released.

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