Responders nurse piglets back to health

BOYCEVILLE, Wisconsin (WEAU) – A small Wisconsin fire and rescue department has three new members following a weekend barn fire.

Boyceville Fire and Ambulance crew members are nursing three piglets back to health after saving the tiny porkers from the fire.

The three piglets were pulled from the burning barn, but they didn’t make it out unharmed.

“One of them was breathing very loudly and heavily and using extra muscles to breathe,” said EMT Tonya Schutts.

Crews gave the pigs oxygen and were able to save them.

“They’ve gotten some breathing treatments throughout the night one is getting a low dose of pain medication,” said Schutts.

Two of the piglets were only a few days old and the other is only a few weeks older.

“I named them by size, the older one Big Pig, the tiny one Runt and the one if the middle just Pig,” said Schutts.

Schutts says the piglets have to be fed every two hours and are getting better by the day.

“Yesterday (Sunday) they weren’t really moving but as of this morning they are all over the place,” said Schutts.

When they are healthy enough the piglets will go back to their owner but not before leaving its mark with Boyceville Fire and Rescue.

“It’s amazing when you save a person that’s what we are trained to do and then when you come to this situation and you have these little itty-bitty piglets and you do what you can and it worked out,” said Nick Feeney.

Boyceville Fire and Ambulance say they appreciate the community’s interest and offers to help with the piglets.

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