Shocker championship t-shirt gives title to wrong team

WICHITA, Kansas – The people that made the Shockers’ commemorative Missouri Valley Conference championship t-shirts apparently forgot to check the scoreboard to get the bracket on the back of the shirt correctly.

The shirts given to the Shockers after their 83-69 victory Sunday over the Indiana State Sycamores had the right team winning on the front, but on the bracket on the back, it says Indiana State was the victorious team.

The shirt was sold in Saint Louis at the end of Arch Madness, and for those who bought it, the MVC is working on getting corrected t-shirts to them.

“We know it was a huge mistake, and though this happened late Saturday night with a print shop in downtown St. Louis, we take full responsibility for the error,” commissioner Doug Elgin told KSN.

He said they are putting a plan in place to provide correctly printed shirts to those who already purchased the misprinted ones. and they will offer the correct shirt on a website for anyone else who wants them.  The information will be communicated on both the WSU and MVC websites as soon as it is available.

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