Koch Arena concession stand cited for cockroach problem

Charles Koch Arena (KSN File Photo)

WICHITA, Kansas – As the Shockers prepare to push deep into March Madness, a state report finds cockroaches in one of the concession stands at Koch Arena.

A stand that served popcorn, hamburgers and snacks of all kinds.

A man named Bob, who did not want to be identified, says he was at a junior college game recently and claims he found the roaches.

“I mean, it’s nasty and it’s gross and there is no reason for that.”

After Bob called the City of Wichita Environmental Health, the Kansas State Health Department stepped in to check it out.

The state says it did find “40+ live German cockroaches in stand 1 throughout, a large concentration in area of break racks” and others in wooden cabinets.

They also found “10 dead crickets, 15 dead German cockroaches and cockroach feces” in the cabinets and on the floors.

The state asked one concession stand, out of six total, to close until the issue is fixed.

“But we do ask facilities to close if we feel there is an imminent health hazard,” said Nicole Hamm, Kansas Department of Agriculture. “We consider an infestation an imminent health hazard because pests are a known vector for health contamination.”

KSN contacted the vendor to ask about the cockroaches.

The vendor running the concession stand, Wichita Vending and Premier Food Services, did not get back with us after three attempts.

Wichita State offered the following statement from the athletic department:

“Regarding an unfortunate health code violation in one concession stand inside Charles Koch Arena, Wichita State and Premier Food Services have addressed all concerns and are awaiting an opportunity for the Kansas Department of Health to re-inspect the area and approve normal operation. ”

It will be at least ten days until the concession stand is open again so it can be re-inspected.

Five other stands are still open and did pass inspection.

WSU Koch Arena Inspection

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