Police investigate drive-by shooting of NE Wichita Braum’s

WICHITA, Kansas — Police are looking for the drive by shooter who fired several shots at a restaurant full of people.

It happened Friday night at the Braum’s on the 3600 block of N. Rock Rd.

After talking with some people who were working in the area, they have said it almost sounded like a skateboard was going by. Otheres have said they heard nothing and the next thing they knew the cops were swarming to the area.

The question KSN is asking though, is why would anyone target a local establishment in such a heavily populated commercial area.

Susan Smith has lived in Wichita for most of her life she spends a lot of time shopping near the Braum’s on N. Rock Rd.

Smith can’t wrap her brain around why someone would target a place where families were eating.

“Who would think to do that, I don’t know what kind of mind gets behind that sort of idea,” said Smith.

Wichita police say that someone drove by Braums and opened fire. Police won’t say how many shots were fired. At the time there were 21 people including children inside the restaurant.

“I read one of the witness reports that said him, a young man and his kids hit the floor under some tables, so it was a pretty scary situation there for about 10 or 15 minutes,” said Sgt. Jeff Davis, Wichita Police Department.

Others took cover in the restrooms. Luckily nobody was injured in the incident and the damage to the building was minimal with some glass being shattered on a couple of windows.

When it comes to personal safety, people like Smith say they won’t stop frequenting the area. But she does say it’s scary to think that a place full of innocent people can become a target for violence.

“When you’re just going randomly to places, family places, places where nobody has done anything to you, there’s no reason to have anything against anybody, that person is going to do some harm somewhere,” said Smith.

Right now, police have no suspects or vehicle description. They are urging anyone who saw anything or has any information to call Wichita CrimeStoppers at (316)267-2111. If you call, remember that CrimeStoppers does not need your name, just your information.

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