Students learning the brew by running school house java shop

HOISINGTON, Kansas – At Hoisington High School who knew that coffee could be a class.

“It’s just great. It helps them with their responsibility to run a business and how to work,” said Jennifer Steinert, FBLA advisor and business teacher.

More than just a coffee stand to give students their caffeine fix, it is a business and a grade for those in the Future Business Leaders of America Club.

KSN asked Hoisington sophomore Megan Haynie what she has learned from the business.

“Definitely learn how to be around people and manage your time between your school work and working in here,” said Megan Haynie, FBLA club member.

The coffee shop is run entirely by students, and in six weeks, they were able to turn a profit.

“When we type it into the cash register, at the end of the day, we can run a Z report, and it can tell us how much we make in a day,” added Haynie.

The students then have to make sure the register balances.

“Yeah, that’s the goal of course.There’s going to be mess ups sometimes, but it’s been close almost every single time,” said Haynie.

It is all part of the learning experience that puts students to work in the real world.

“It is having a real job, kind of like that, I come here every day at third hour and work,” said Karisa Schremmer, FBLA member.

The students operate the coffee shop before and after school and during some class periods.

This weekend it will be open during a debate competition at the high school.

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