Public reacts to decision to change name of Wichita airport

WICHITA, Kansas – City leaders are feeling the fallout from that now controversial call to change the name of Wichita’s airport.

Since that controversial call there has been a lot of criticism of the decision so KSN is reaching out to officials to find out if it’s set in stone or if the public will have the chance to get another say on the matter.

It’s been a hot topic and officials say residents will have a chance to voice their opinion at the airport authority meeting but the big question is even if you voice your opinion, does that mean the decision will stand?

City officials say they knew changing the name of Wichita Mid-Continent to Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport would be controversial.

“Surprisingly probably more feedback on this issue than almost any other issue during my six and a half, almost seven years on the council,” said city council member, Jeff Longwell.

Longwell wasn’t the only council member who received emails about the change.

“We have received a lot of emails. I probably received more emails since the city council voted to approve it then what I did before,” said another council member, Jeff Blubaugh.

The members KSN talked to say the majority of Wichita residents have been against the change.

Greg Skipton posted this to the KSN Facebook page regarding the name change:

“Seems like a majority of people are against the name change but it’s typical of our federal, state, and city governments of NOT LISTENING TO THOSE WHO PUT THEM IN OFFICE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!”

Others say there is momentum for changing the airports name, pointing to the 1,500 people who signed a petition to do just that. That petition was presented to the city council in October.

Now that the decision has been made, the next question is can that decision be changed?

Some believe it’s not likely since the city council is also working as the airport authority but officials say not so fast.

“Don’t assume anything, please don’t because I know how the council actually functions and there are situations where I’ve seen where they voted one way one day and when it came up again, eh, I decided not to go that route,” said Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer.

The next public hearing is scheduled for April 1st. City council will be there so whatever your opinion on the matter, make sure you mark your calendar to speak at that meeting.

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