Ag Update with John Jenkinson for Mar. 6, 2014

The US House is trying to ease regulations for propane delivery. (KSN photo)

The KSN Agribusiness News Ag Update comes from John Jenkinson who joins us from Garden City.

Taking the heat off of propane

Legislation passed by the House will allow propane delivery truck drivers to work longer hours. The goal is to help speed up the delivery of home heating fuels.

Shortages of propane caused a big spike in prices, with some consumers complaining that they could not get deliveries.

H.R. 4076 directs the U.S. Department of Transportation to allow those drivers to operate longer hours than current federal law. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

Related PDF: US House bill HB4076

Wheat Harvest

If Kansas wheat farmers didn’t have enough to watch for with the crisis in Ukraine, they have one more growing concern — fickle weather.

The recent roller coaster temps are causing some wheat to start to green up, which means that it will be more susceptible to freeze damage if there is no snow cover, which is disappearing in a lot of areas. Without significant cover, young tender wheat plants can be killed by the bitter cold and wind, adding to the concern about yields this summer.

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