American Idol voters get pizza place instead

PORT ANGELES, Washington – Some American Idol fans dialing to vote for their favorite singer ended up calling a pizza place instead.

A restaurant in Port Angeles, Washington was bombarded by so many calls.

“They thought they were contacting American Idol,” said Randy Sexton, restaurant owner.

American Idol says 71 million viewer votes were cast last week for favorite contestants but many of those fans dialed the wrong number and were routed to Gordy’s Pizza and Pasta.

“Hundreds if not thousands, I don’t know as often as you could call make the contact, let it go, the phone didn’t stop ringing for two hours,” said Sexton.

Every person calling into American Idol had to dial the same wrong number in the prefix and suffix for this place’s phones to go nuts.

The owner told his staff to roll with it and treat every wrong number like a customer.

“Work with it ask them if they want a pizza.”

Sexton says the folks at Idol’s voting service called him.

“They believe they have it resolved.”

Sexton isn’t sure how much business he lost to a busy signal but says his new found notoriety is delivering a lot of attention.

“Maybe, we’ll have an American Idol pizza that we’ll come out with.”

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