Prom money goes to sick teacher

DELTONA, Florida (WESH) – Students at Pine Ridge High School in Deltona, Florida are using their prom funds to help a beloved math teacher with cancer.

Students said they will do without some of the decorations and other extras so they can use the money for something far dearer to their hearts.

“We figured it would really help him out,” said Katie Buday, who organizes fundraisers for the prom as the junior class president.

This year the prom team is renamed Team Charlie in honor of longtime popular math teacher Charlie Lundell, who is on his third round of cancer and is very ill.

“He really cares about helping people learn and really wants us to be our full potential,” Buday said.

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The students’ drive to help their beloved teacher has motivated the entire school to get behind the efforts.

“It really livens up the entire student body when we hear someone who has helped us through something, we want to help them get through it as well,” said Alejandra Morales, a senior student.

Lundell has been at Pine Ridge since it opened in 1994 and has impacted countless lives.

“The love that they’ve shown for this man is just — they would do anything for him,” said Brenda Burgett, a junior class sponsor.

The students knew about Lundell and his cancer, but they’ve since learned another teacher at Pine Ridge also has a serious illness and is currently in a hospital, so these fundraisers will be ongoing and will benefit both educators.


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