Law could test dog poop DNA

IPSWICH, Massachusetts (WHDH) – A new law is being discussed in the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts that has dog owners more aware of where their pets take care of business.

Matt Antczak, the town’s Animal Control Officer, says dogs pooping on the sidewalk has become the number one problem in town.

Antczak said he’s looking at a law that would test the DNA from dog poops and then fine the owner of that dog $200.

“They’ve been calling me the poop Nazi for years. I hope to call it the new DNA doggie law,” he said.

The law would require dog owners to register their pets’ DNA with the town so there would be something to compare the sample to.

“I think it’s a good idea. I get super annoyed by all the dog poop around town. I clean up after her and keep bags on my leash,” Erin Coates-Connor, a dog owner in support of the idea, said.

Jean Hubbard said she picks up her dog’s poop, but feels dna testing is a bit much.

“To take samples and track people down, I think that’s going a little too far, and it’s too expensive,” Hubbard said.

The Ipswich River Watershed Association said dog waste impacts water quality, and puts more than 600 workers in the shellfish business out of work when e-coli levels in the water raise too high.

“Do we want this in our water supply? Do we want this in our beaches? If you live next door to a clammer, you’re going to be putting him out of work. I’m trying not to make any more work for anyone else in town. I don’t want it to cost taxpayers money,” Antczak said.

The law would cost the town about $80,000 up-front, but Antczak said the fines would pay for that and begin turning a profit in about two years. No formal proposal has been made yet.

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