Gov. Brownback pushing for all day kindergarten

MAIZE, Kansas — The governor is taking his message on the road, spending time in Maize pushing for support for an all day kindergarten program in Kansas. But opponents insist the money to pay for it isn’t there and the proposal won’t pass

The state currently covers the costs for a half day of kindergarten; Gov. Sam Brownback wants to do better by funding all day kindergarten.

“We’ve got the resources to be able to do it it’s about 16 million a year, not that’s 32 million in the second year, but I just think it’s a really important thing,” Gov. Brownback said.

That adds up to about $80 million over 5 years. But opponents say the money isn’t there. The proposal is stalling without support from lawmakers and the head of Kansas Democratic Party of Kansas sent KSN this statement:

“There’s no doubt that Gov. Brownback is doing everything he can to distract Kansas voters from his record of failed leadership…his record speaks for itself: massive cuts to our public schools and universities… and a Kansas economy struggling to create jobs.”

Educators insist the investments made into more class time are worth it in the long run. June Rempel is the Associate Principal at Maize’s Early Childhood Education Center. She says the proposal would increase enrollment in the full day kindergarten-programs.

“If we can help a child succeed early we can save a lot of money of money later on there are studies that show for every dollar we spend now we can save 11 dollars in the future,” Rempel said.

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