Girl locked in a battle against cancer

WICHITA, Kansas – Sophia Stepien is 4-years-old, and she was recently diagnosed with cancer.

“A 4-year-old well check up just a month earlier and she was perfectly healthy, so we had X-ray and barely sat down in the waiting room when they said it’s a mass, you’re getting admitted to the peds floor,” said Tiffany Stephien, Sophia’s mother.

Sophia recently underwent her first scan using new low-dose CT machine at Wesley Medical Center.

“This is the ultra modern new technology which enables us to do the CAT scans using much less radiation and was possible before,” said Dr. Akash Joshi, Department of Radiology.

Since it uses radiation for imaging, it can be dangerous if too many scans are given, especially to children.

“We’ve had a great team around us this whole time, and then the hospital investing in a new machine that reduces her radiation risk, makes a huge difference,” said Tiffany.

“You don’t want these kids exposed anymore radiation then they have to be,” said Dr. Akash Joshi.

Sophia has already had four scans with a regular CT machine.

She has to have one every four months for the next two years.

“You don’t want cause cancer by checking for cancer. So, it is scary as a parent. I want to know what’s going on inside her, and our oncologist needs to know, but it is scary. Reducing the risk of radiation by 50 percent with every single scanning in this new machine makes a huge difference or family,” added Tiffany.

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