Banged up bird recovering after vacuum mishap

MILTON, Massachussettes (WHDH) – A banged up and bruised parakeet is back at home with its family after a ride in a vacuum cleaner.

Birdie’s owner, Marie Margarone, was using her industrial vacuum when she accidentally sucked up the bird.

“All of a sudden I heard noise. I looked in where the air comes out, and I saw feathers. I shut it off immediately and knew something had gone terribly wrong,” Margarone said.

Margarone brought Birdie to the veterinarians at Angell who helped her recover.

“We actually amputated her at wrist. Basically, we were able to save the viable parts of the wing and remove the parts that were going to be nothing but chronic pan for her because it was never going to heal properly,” Dr. Elisabeth Simone-Freilicher said.

Simone-Freilicher said Birdie will no longer be able to fly, but because she is a pet she really doesn’t need to.

Birdie’s owner returned home to investigate what had caused Birdie to go into the vacuum and what she found surprised her.

“It turned out that owner went back and found the egg in the Shop-Vac so she had laid one egg at home and she was in the Shop-Vac because she was looking for nesting site,” Simone-Freilicher said.

Birdie is back in Milton with her family where she is recovering.

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