Weather slows investigation of fatal accident

LIBERAL, Kansas – Late Saturday night two men were walking down Second Street in Liberal when they were hit and killed by an oncoming car.

The car involved waited for police to arrive, but when they got their the weather kept them from doing their job as usual.

“The coldness and the weather hindered the investigation,” said Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Mike Racy.  “We called out our chart team to come map the scene and they were not able to just because of the cold weather and the temperatures.”

With more snow falling at the scene after the accident, officers could only do so much.

“What they do is map the scene as best they can and come back at a later date,” said Racy.

The highway patrol looked over the car trying to get as much information as possible while they wait for the snow to melt.

The victims were in their 30s and were from out of state.  The accident was still under investigation Monday, no names had been released.

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