Shocker success felt in local stores

WICHITA, Kansas – At Tad’s Locker Room, they’ve been preparing for perfection for a couple of weeks.

On Sunday, many lined up to get their hand on 31-0 merchandise.

“Believe it or not, eight degrees and there were still people waiting in that line. We opened two hours early, and they were still waiting to come get their shirts,” said Tad Snarenbarger, Tad’s Locker Room owner.

Fans like Josh Stoner scooped up several shirts claiming perfection.

“I’ve been waiting. I’ve bought a few other shirts, but I’ve been waiting for this one, make sure the whole family gets one.”

For the Shockers faithful, an undefeated regular season is inspiring them to open their wallets and wear their support for the Shockers right on their sleeves.

“Yes, of course, we went to a bar yesterday and watched the game with a whole bunch of rowdies, it was a lot of fun,” said Dixie Lane, Shocker fan.

And as fans hope the the fun carries on through March, business owners are also hoping the Shockers continue the magical run.

“This town is going to turn black and gold all over again, restaurants retail stores like myself, everybody is going to do well, it’s a magical season,” said Snarenbarger.

The perfect season gear is now available at several retail shops in Wichita and online.

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