Hoisington working to find EMS volunteers

HOISINGTON, Kansas – EMS volunteers are few and far between in Hoisington, a problem that has been getting worse over the past few years.

“Yes, it wears everybody down cause as we lose, we have 24 hours seven days a week to be covered one way or the other, and of course the less people you have, the more hours each person has to pick up,” said Craig Sowards, EMS director.

To combat the problem, they’re offering to pay for tuition, fees, and books for EMT classes in exchange for volunteer hours.

“You know we’re to the point where we have to scrape the money up somehow. We can’t scrape up a full time salary, but we can you know scrape up enough to send a few people to school,” said Sowards.

If more volunteers are lost, Hoisington might lose its services all together leaving bigger towns like Great Bend to fill the need.

“Then, the people of Hoisington will have to wait for someone from Great Bend to respond. The five minutes it takes for us to respond is a big deal, but you know the 20 minutes it could take for Great Bend could actually be life threatening, you know could actually cause the loved one to die,” said Rae Walker, paramedic.

A tragic ending that Hoisington hopes to avoid by investing in its future.

Hoisington does pay its volunteers a small stipend.

If you would like to know more, call (620) 653-4150.


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