Give a Little: Aaron

Aaron (KSN photo)

WICHITA, Kansas — The biggest fundraiser of the year is underway for Big Brothers Big Sisters. This year, Bowl for Kids’ Sake packs some real star power. In this month’s Give a Little, we meet Aaron, who tells us how the latest initiative may help young men like him.

Clearly I was going to have my hands full as seven-year-old Aaron and I put our bowling skills to the test at Northrock Lanes. It didn’t take long to see that Aaron has some serious game. It was all I could do to try and keep up. I even tried to steal a few pointers along the way.

It is also no secret this fun-loving first-grader is a serious Jayhawks fan, “because they’re really good,” says Aaron.

That works out perfectly with the theme of Bowl for Kids’ Sake. It has launched a competition within a competition that allows this year’s bowlers to pledge allegiance to their favorite in-state basketball team while raising money.

Gregg Marshall, Bill Self and Bruce Weber have also joined the Go Big or Go Home campaign, urging more men to volunteer. And that brings us back to Aaron who’s not looking for a Jayhawk, Wildcat or Shocker.

What he really wants is a Big Brother, and most importantly, someone to root him on.

If you would like more information on becoming a Big or joining a Bowl for Kids’ Sake team just call 1-888-KS-4-BIGS or visit their website at

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